Friday, December 14, 2012

Healthy Coffee Cake for One

Yes you heard right. Healthy. Coffee. Cake.
Wanna hear something even better? You can make it in 5 minutes and its all for YOU!!!!!
I recently have begun following Chocolate Covered Katie's Blog of healthy desert recipes and you need to check it out. It is completely dedicated to making desert an everyday affair with flair no matter who you are. She has a slew of "for one" recipes, and I do love coffee cake, so I went for it. The only thing I will do better next time... put some streusel in the middle too like the instructions suggest. Though if your lazy, just putting it on top works great. 

Check out the original post with nutrition facts: here.

I don't have her permission to post the recipe yet (I'm asking) so I will leave you with a link, a picture, and what I chose to do.

The best part of this recipe? Besides the fact it is guilt free and DELICIOUS (I don't joke about coffee cake).... I cooks in 1 minute in the microwave. Thats right!

*I used all whole-wheat flour as the flour, real sugar, and applesauce throughout.* 


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